Keluhan Rasa- Maman TP

In the mood for some acoustic number, as per my blog entry earlier, I had a heavy dosage of “Merindu Kepastian” by Art Fazil. Guess, now I can memorize the lyric and should anyone want me to sing any song, at least, this song would be okay.

But, should they expect me to sing an upbeat song, or at least a catchy song, what songs do I have? 

The Story behind Keluhan Rasa

Last 2 weeks, while doing research over the Net, and started having flashback on various events that took place in my life. Kinda fond of this particular number by Teacher Pet title ” Warisan Wanita Terakhir” and  was also wandering, what the hell happened to the band “Teachers Pet” .

Managed to download 2 “Warisan Wanita Terkahir” one being the acoustic and one being the album version. This one site states that they have 2 of the latest recoding of Maman TP. One being “Keluhan Rasa” and second being “Warna Cinta”.

Way a minute, these 2 songs are way better than “Warisan Wanita Terakhir”. Why? Listen to  the lyrics and the one who knows me will understand and can appreciate. 

Keluhan Rasa 

Muzik/Lirik: Maman

Sayang dimana akan kuluah keluhan ini

Rindu padamu Sampai kapankah

akan terbuka pintu hatimu buat diriku

Rindu yang kao beri selama ini

Adalah rindu yang bisa mengubati luka ku ini

Sayang dimana akan ku luah

keluhan ini ku cinta padamu

Sampai kapan pun akan ku nanti walaupun pedih di hati ini

Tiada yang lain selama ini

bisaku ilhamkan tika diriku dalam kerinduan

Oh indanhnya andainya kita dapat bersama

Oh indahnya jika saat itu milik kita

Oh indahnya

andainya kita dapat bersama

Oh indahnya jika saat itu milik kita

Oh indahnya

Ohh sayang dimana……….


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