Dikir Fikir – Fikir – Rausyanfikir Lirik – Merindu Kepastian – Art Fazil

Flashback 2002-2003 – London  

1994 – somewhere in Kampar 

It has been a long time since I last heard about Art Fazil. I could vividly remember how I end up buying “Rausyanfikir”,a band where Art Fazil is one for the founding member and the lead vocalist,  album in Kampar, Perak. And it was in 1994, during an outing (or more of dating) with one girl and a friend as chaperone.

Here we have Meon, Anna and myself, wandering on the idea of town hopping to kill our weekend (and finding a perfect place for me to plan on my next step with Anna, without the prying eyes of  oher college mates). As all of us were walking along the main of Kampar, right after having “the perfect restaurant meal” which is KFC, and we spotted one obscure supermarket with a blaring sound coming out from loudspeaker , hailing all potential customers with all sort of gimmicks.

“Where in Kampar offers us a place to lepak with full blown aircon?” “wherelse this supermarket, lah,” Meon replied. Concerns with what Anna might think, and feel, I guess its the right decision. Perhaps, it was the best decision made given my limited cash. Hey, I only have RM30 and thats my monthly allowances.

The first place we decided to go is the music section, and to my suprise, this supermarket have quite extensive list of latest albums, both English and Malay. I dont know much about Chinese music, but given the nature of this supermarket, being the only 2 supermarkets in Kampar (1 being Parkson), I believe they would stock the latest and the most popular Chinese albums.

Meon hinted to me “Bro, apa lagi tunjuk terror la bro”. How to impress Anna? Should I consider in buying one or two albums,  to portray a certain image of coolness, more importantly image of  sophistication. But I couldnt stop helping myself from grabbing this one album, Rausyanfikir album.

Subconsciously, my mind starts singing to the tune of Dikir Fikir, one of the most radio friendly Rausyanfikir song. Well, Anna, I like you but I dont aspire to be someonelse. Bought the album and the cassette was with me for less than one week. This album had exchange hands more than anything else, apart for money. It has travelled from one dorm to another, and from one radio player to another.

Chin Peng, a dear friend of mine, had a clear liking on this particular number, called “Skrunya Dah Longgar“, not knowing later, this song will be one of the unofficial anthem of his dorm for a number of weeks.

The cassette remained at large, and I dont have the opportunity to get hold of that cassette again. Anna, end up going out with someonelse, and life goes on…..

Few days before Raya Haji 2002

“Rizal, hang mai london, Mai beraya kat London”

“Ala, Pak Din malaih lah”

“Hang mai la PM mai turun London”

“Ok La Pak Din”

“Lagi pun Mak Wan dok tanya bila hang nak mai”

London, Hari Raya Haji 2002 – Pak Dins House

“Rizal, ni member aku, Art” I was introduce to Art by the only son of Pak Din. Then, automatically, my mind start to have this flashback on my journey to purchase the album, way back in 1994. I shared the story with Art and we had a good laugh. Not knowing what happened to Meon, Anna and Chin Peng and most of the people I knew in Trolak and both of us, Art and me, with all others new acquiantances, celebrating Hari Raya Haji in foreign land.

Art speaks at length about his current project, Jawi Empire and the plans going forward. One of the plans include performing at Royal Albert Hall, way before Siti Nurhaliza. But who would give a f-ck with Jawi Empire.  Also he was thinking of releasing his full English album, but Im more interested in getting a copy of “Rausyanfikir” the Dikir Fikir album.

For the next few days, one thing for sure, after a number of conversations, I agreed, disagreed with a number of opinions and exchanged opinions, and leads me to form my own band called Api Marhaen, drawing inspiration from Kembara, M Nasir, Sebadoh, Loose goat and to certain extent Rausyanfikir.

Idea of us, Api Marhaen performing with Jawi Empire were mooted and plans were made. It remained a plan since Ive decided to return back to Malaysia for good during summer 2003.

Today – 2007, few days before Raya

Was looking for any Rausyanfikir songs over the Internet and manage to get hold a number of old songs, but not from the album I wanted so badly, Dikir Fikir. Perhaps, anyone can help me with this ? Wandering what happened with Meon, Chin Peng and Anna. Last, I heard Anna got married to someone, Meon is still in Alor Setar and Chin Peng, now with Jalur Cahaya.

I would like to share a piece of song title “Merindu Kepastian” by Art Fazil. Definitely, one of the better songs by Art.

Andai kau menjadi pelangi
Biar ku jadi awannya
Agar kita selalu bersama

Andai kau menjadi sang duyung
Biar ku jadi karangnya
Agar kita sentiasa bersua

Andai kau menjadi merpati
Biar ku menjadi sang bayu
Agar kita sering bertemu

Andai kau menjadi puisi
Biar ku jadi melodi
Bersama kita menyanyi

Andai ku menjadi rembulan
Sudikah kau menjadi kejora
Hingga pagi nanti

Andai esok aku menjadi tanah
Sudikah engkau menjadi bunga
Menghiasi dadaku


2 Responses

  1. Ohhooo, hang dulu ada hati dengan Anna Fuck-Off ye?

  2. Ler bro masa tu aku ada 3 org lah dlm pikiran. klast sekali soramng pun tak dapat. hahahahah. lah aku kenal dia sebelum aku kenal hang

    kat trolak masa english course bebudak mrsm lah.

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